Generic Ultrasound

Ultrasound and Radiology


Ford Caputo Veterinary Hospital strives to offer the latest in veterinary diagnostics and treatments for your pet. Our comprehensive veterinary service offerings include a variety of diagnostic tools such as: 

  • Digital Radiography (X-rays, digital dental radiography)  
  • Ultrasound  

Digital Radiography 

As part of our commitment to patient safety, we use digital radiography. With digital radiography, our veterinarians are able to use less radiation to get quality, diagnostic images, which means less time and stress for your pet. These images are instantly available to help guide your pet’s treatment. The digital images allow for easy records sharing with other veterinarians and specialists, as well as for your own records. 


An ultrasound is a noninvasive imaging technique that can be used on pets. To perform an ultrasound on your pet, the vet moves a small, hand-held probe gently across your pet’s skin to capture images of the inside of their body. 

The probe directs a narrow beam of high-frequency sound waves to the area of interest. These sound waves bounce off of internal structures and reflect back to the probe. They’re then converted to a two-dimensional image displayed on a monitor. 

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